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Approach and methodology
The organization believes in imparting independence of action, reaction and ideology in every employee. We need our goals & aims preceded by results all the way abiding with our morals & ethics. That being said the rest is up to the officials we trust them completely and thus have provided them with power to make ways of doing things and amending the older ones. The organization is an arena of perfectionists where every single opportunity is valued equally and no work is termed as impossible.
As far as the operation & functioning is concerned the organization emphases on the development of new original ways of completing tasks. We take up predictive, preventive and periodic planning for achieving our goals & aims, which is done by “perfect synchronization of man ,machine and material.”
We have put in originally nee based ideas into practice and to name a few there are examples like 27X7 cash collection vans, Quality check department, round the clock consumer care centre, mobile management module, also idea such as theft preventive service line laying, modern sealing technologies, path breaking AT&C loss reduction ideas etc In our strive to work better we have done the followings successfully:-
New order ABC lying
2) Load Planning
3) Load growth management cell.
4) Metering methods
5) Energy audit
6) Transparent consumer policy
Approach & Methodology
Financial Data
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