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Electric power has three basic parts Generation, Transmission & Distribution. Electric power burns at generation, grows at Transmission and then lives at distribution.
During the above courses it is stepped down and stepped up depending upon its stage further it is subjected to a large number of other operations for removal of harmonics, maintaining frequency and other such things. Empire Enterprises Ltd. Undertakes planning, design, supply & erection of
1. HVDS Network
3. LT/HT ABC work
4. Grid substation installation etc
High Voltage Distribution System basically developed for the reduction of theft and reduction in AT & C losses. This structure comprises of feeding HT supply to the door step of consumers from where by using step down DT the voltages reduced and converted to LT.
This System has in numerous benefits like removal of theft & reduction in AT & T losses.
The company has been executing for the transformation of LT Distribution Network to HVDS Network with complete concerns of planning, designing & commissioning in rural & Industrial areas in Delhi. The company has got widest experience in HVDS Network laying and is one window substation for conversion of LT Net Dist Network to HVDS system. We were among in few first companies to commission the HVDS NL project with NDPL in Delhi, and even since than we are learning continuously.
Grid Sub Station (33/11)
The company has just filed in our for the maintenance of 66/33 KV grid maintenance and is fully equipped with all the maintenance equipments,
Also we have an expert panel with fully qualified professional to take up the installation of grid as well as maintenance of grids as well.
The ABC is a boon for the existing distribution systems. The ABC is a measure for eradication power . Besides eradication of power it also improves in overall of the area, and gives freedom from the normal problems such as conducts snapping, conducts Maintenance Bridge etc.
It is most suitable for areas which are theft, densely populated or have large green areas.
The company has caused more the 100 KVS of LT & HT ABC laying in jurisdiction and comes under NDPL.
HT/LT Underground (UGG)
Some times it is the only way for the electrification of the area or the modes of energizing the location. Also it is an anti-theft measure. The company has experience in the maintenance & laying of 11k cables for both the older 11LA & the currently used XLPE.
Also we have an experience of conveyance of PLLCA 10 * LPE in all ratings from 3*150mn to 3*30nm. We have covered a distance of almost 8kns at present for the above mentioned cables.
Approach & Methodology
Financial Data
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