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Survey and G/S Mapping –
The company has a professional team with specialization in GIS mapping and survey. The department is active since 2003 and has grown with the help of all modern software, tools and equipments which includes radio meters, digital compasses and other related software.
We are providing digital maps for Civil, & electrical purposes used for analytical & operational purposes. We have our client base in NDPL and some other business organization.
We are involved in energy audit for NDPL. The company has a professional team to execute the job. The company has also undertaken energy audit of multiple locations all over areas covered under NDPL in Delhi.
We are the largest Business Associate organization working with NDPL for the all types’ energy meter installation. We are among the first organization to work in MMG with NDPL (meter merge group) and currently we have a full of more than 150 more Maruti vans for the task of installation of single phase meters. Also we have 12 Mahindra bolero and Tata ace for the installation of CT, PT & Poly phase meters. We install an astonishing 600 meters per day which provides us with a capability of installing up to 18000 / meters per month. The number of consumers covered in last few years is more than 1080000 meters. The activity is under different domains such as new meter, faulty & mass meter replacement.
We have a mess group comprising of more than 45 Computer operators for the cause of record management his management and daily updating of system.
The company has professional setup for undertaking meter reading and Bill distribution and we are in the field of a very long period now, successfully. We have been serving a consumer base,
We have adopted the latest techniques and taken aid of customized software for the same cause. We have developed a number of software for punching of data, bill generation, data management etc.
The department was setup a year ago and since we have developed manifolds, we are the largest organization in terms of volume of DA’s executed & area covered. We are involved in HRB (High Revenue Base) HCB (High Consumer Base) and Enforcement Cases.
Use of customized software is taken again for excellence. A daily MIS is generated in order to maintain a record base and billing purposes. We have further a support of 15 Maruti Vans with 30 Technical & 45 Helpers and 30 Supervisor of qualified tech. sound employees especially fee timely disconnection of the defaulters.
We are very soon going to start the new concept of spot billing in NDPL. This is a new concept, to introduce for the first time in NDPL. As the name suggests this concept shall be comprising of reading of energy meter and generation of energy bill on the spot which shall be followed by on spot submission facility bill revenue.
This shall followed by a daily M/S for updating the base data.
It shall bring extremely good results for billing efficiency as the consumer shall get instants service and he would get prop from the hustles of standing in one and other such problems. It would be time saving & convenient as well.
This is yet another field where we are about to start our efforts for collecting documents and clearing sites where further execution can be done by the MMG.
The work scope of FSE involves visit to a distinct, verification of documents of site, drawing of verification of dues and then marking of spot for meter installation. This shall be followed by verification of site by MMG supervisor again and then installation of energy meter. It is than followed by filling of protocols, handling of one copy of protocols the consumer and then submission of other copy of protocol to the MMG, Department. It is then followed by verification by the MMG Department.
We @ Empire are actively working upon getting minimalistic carbon prints. In our search for same we have decided to make our buildings green buildings we have also sought for installation of solar water meters, solar power panels and solar Cooking too.
The organization is actively working upon the project of installing solar power panels @ a number. If organization in and around the national capital, Delhi. We are continuously exploring our horizons and into fruitful conversation with national as well as global grants
“A Healthy Mind Resides In A Healthy Body.”
We @ Empire give prime to our employee’s well being and health. They shall not only work and flourish in a healthy environment but also healthy mind body and soul. They shall get their well deserved and rejuvenation. For this purpose and for promoting, spirit, player’s spirit, and friendly atmospheres among our employee in unsay gear on animal sports week is organized where participant’s flow our various wings come together and give a hand to hand competition to our existing champions. Sports like Cricket Matches, Badminton, Soccer, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Chess, Carom and Races once the prime declaration of our sports week.
Approach & Methodology
Financial Data
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